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Sheryl Renie Solutions connects industrial sellers with the buyers who need them. Acting as your full-service marketing team, we position your company to attract a steady stream of new clients.

We take the stress from you and put it on our shoulders so you can concentrate of on what you do – taking care of your customers better than your competitors. Let’s discuss your goals for the future of your company.


Much of the marketing advice out there doesn’t work in the industrial space, where sales cycles are long, processes are complex, and competition is fierce.

With more than 25 years of industrial sales and marketing under our belt, SRS understands your industry, your market, and most importantly, how to create customers for a business like yours.

We have a proven track record for consistently delivering great results and
helping clients grow their business while stretching budgets to optimize ROI.

media production

videography & photography

At SRS, we understand the power of visual storytelling. Our video creation and photography services are designed to showcase your business in its best light. From compelling promotional videos to corporate photography, we provide all the visual assets you need to capture the attention of your target audience.

Our expert team of videographers and photographers use the latest technology to create high-quality visuals that convey your brand’s message and highlight your product’s features. Whether it’s a factory tour, a product demonstration, or an in-depth concept featuring audio and interviews, our visuals engage viewers and drive results. Let us help you stand out in the busy market with visuals that speak louder than words. See some of our visual capabilities in our video preview!


No secrets, no surprises. You’ll understand the how and why behind every marketing activity we do and how they work together to drive more leads.

Results are tracked and shared with you in a monthly breakdown so you can monitor the progress of your marketing plan.

We operate as an extension of your company, making sure marketing results convert into real business value.


digital marketing for industrial companies
  • Custom marketing strategy and execution tailored to your business

  • 25+ years of industrial sales and marketing experience

  • Budget optimization to get the greatest impact from every marketing dollar

  • Dedicated team of experienced, reliable marketing professionals

  • Commitment to completing projects on time and on budget

  • A creative approach to lead gen making you stand out as the natural choice for buyers

  • Transparent processes with no secrets and no surprises

  • A dependable partner you can trust to listen to you and understand what is needed for your SUCCESS
Sheryl Renie, President | SRS – Sheryl Renie Solutions

For more than 25 years, Sheryl Renie has dedicated her career to connecting industrial sellers with buyers ready to make a purchase. At SRS, she has surrounded herself with other high-caliber marketers who share her relentless drive for excellence and her passion for the industrial marketplace.

The SRS team combines unparalleled understanding of the industrial market with cutting-edge marketing ability. From developing sales strategy to creating omnichannel content, SRS is a one-stop shop for finding and connecting with new customers. We’re committed to helping small businesses maximize their ROI and stake a competitive position in the marketplace.

We know your industry, your market, your customers. We operate as an extension of your company – your full-service marketing arm delivering consistently great ROI.


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